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Personal Injury Claims in Oakland

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Personal Injury

What is a personal injury?

By definition, a personal injury may include any physical or psychological injury that a person sustains because of another person’s direct action, failure to act, carelessness or negligence. For example, a person injured in a
motor vehicle accident caused by a drunk driver would have suffered personal injuries. When a person is injured because of another’s conduct, this may be grounds to file a lawsuit in civil court against the responsible party to seek financial compensation for the injuries suffered.

How do I know who should be held accountable for my case?

Personal injury lawsuits in Oakland are established based upon three different factors: negligence, intentional wrongdoing or strict liability. The person/party that can be held accountable in a personal injury claim will be the party that failed to act with proper caution or care (negligence), purposefully harmed you (intentional wrongdoing), or who can be held responsible for your injuries regardless of specific actions (strict liability). An Oakland personal injury lawyer at our offices can talk to you about your specific options in this regard.

For a personal injury claim after an auto accident, what can I do to prove that the other driver caused the accident?

Although the specific strategy will vary depending on your unique auto accident, your attorney may work with accident reconstruction professionals and private investigators to evaluate the circumstances that led up to your accident and effectively determine and then prove who or what caused your accident.

What will my personal injury case be worth?

The value of an Oakland personal injury claim will vary depending on the extent of physical trauma and other damages that the victim has experienced. To properly determine what your case should be worth, we may work with medical professionals, economists and psychologists to evaluate all aspects of your case and what you have had to and will have to endure.

Won’t the insurance company just pay for my medical care and other expenses? Why do I even need to involve an attorney?

In a perfect world, insurance companies would fairly evaluate our claims and pay us settlements that cover all of our expenses. This simply is not the case. An insurance company may unfairly deny a claim or may offer a settlement that is far below the true value of the victim’s claim. An attorney can step in and put the necessary pressure on the insurance company to give you the fair treatment you deserve.

What are some of the types of Oakland personal injury claims your firm handles?

At Accident Lawyers, we help clients with all types of Oakland personal injury claims and lawsuits, including pedestrian accidents,bicycle accidents,motorcycle accidents and trucking accidents, as well as cases relating to
dog bites,slip and fall accidents,defective products,medical malpractice and those involving wrongful death.

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